The Children’s Society

Chloe Hilton from The Children’ Society said: “Young People are losing hope for the future. That’s why Win House Italy are proud to #JoinTheFightback for hope and support The Children’s Society through the competition. Enter today and, join the fight back and help young people rediscover hope as we emerge from this pandemic”

Chloe Hilton, The Children’s Society

Your entry will contribute to supporting young people to help navigate them through the COVID-19 crisis, with the help of professionals they can trust and rely on. It will mean The Children’s Society are able to be there for even more disadvantaged young people across England and Wales.

In our previous competition’s we raised £100’s of £1000’s for The Children’s Society which will protect and support young people in poverty, those experiencing conflict in the home, children caring for their loved ones and those suffering from their mental health.

The Children’s Society is a national charity which disrupts exploitation of children and young people by delivering supportive services locally and nationally, as well as lobbying the Government on their behalf. They work with children to identify the changes needed, whilst lobbying the Government to successfully make those changes. For many of the young people, they work with life was already challenging but with the coronavirus crisis, many are facing even more difficult times. Currently, The Children’s Society is working with young people to overcome the biggest challenge they’ve ever faced, to help them return safely to school so they can achieve their potential, re-engage with friends and communities to reduce feelings of isolation and re-build their resilience to provide optimism and hope for their futures.


The Association “TUG OF WAR RfE – Ricky for Ever” pursues exclusively the purposes of social solidarity, it is not for profit and aims to support children with oncological problems, serious diseases, pain and incurability and to support their families by carrying out only the charitable activity in favor of children in conditions of discomfort related to particularly disabling psycho-physical situations, to situations of deviance, degradation, or serious family economic hardship or social marginalizing through direct free disbursements or through bodies that present the necessary regulatory requirements.

The Association expressly inhibits the carrying out of activities other than those listed above, with the exception of those related to them, and in any case not prevalent, with particular attention to the promotion and knowledge of the culture of health and well-being.